♀ Female


Half Human, Half Cartoon


The Cartoon World


Her friends, The Bunker, Yakko, YouTube, Eddsworld, cartoons


The Autotunerz, her insane side, 10FCA

Favorite Color



Alive (Died in World Without ACF Part 2, came back in Part 3) (Transformed into a slime blob with a duck's beak in Am i Human, came back to normal in the next episode)

AwesomeCartoonFan01, or ACF, is one of the main characters in The Bunker. She wears a long sleeve shirt, black pants, and white shoes. She first appeared in the Pliot, and since then, she has been in almost all of the epsiodes.

Life Before the BunkerEdit

ACF's life before the Bunker was....AWESOME! She lived in The Cartoon World with her friend (who's kinda like a brother to her) Bob. She saved The World and the real world from evil such as 10FCA, her evil counterparter from The Backwards Dimension, The Delightful Children From Down The Lane, and more.


She is usually random, nice, and slightly sarcastic at times. ACF can be a little bossy and commanding, but that's only when things get bad. She has MANY (and by MANY, I mean MANY) personalites, which include:

  • Her insane side (Her hair goes completly straight, and so does her pants)
  • Her commanding side (This happens when things don't go right and takes the lead)
  • Her rage side (This happens when you tee her off)
  • Her secretive side
  • Her fanon side
  • And more that can't be mentioned due to the face that there are SO MANY of them.

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