Prof. Wright
Background information
Feature films
Television programs The Bunker
Video games The Bunker: DA GAEM!
Park attractions
Portrayed by CompliensCreator00
Portrayed by
Animators CompliensCreator00
Voice CompliensCreator00
Performance model
Designer CompliensCreator00
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name James Wright
Other names
Personality Energetic, Smart, Artistic, Science-loving
Appearance Brown Hair, Somewhat Opaque Glasses, Labcoat, Jeans
Birthday September 29
Occupation Science
Affiliations The Bunker
Home 42 Science Avenue, The Bunker, USA
Relatives CompliensCreatorBro
Pets Peps
Allies About everyone in the bunker, Miranda Cosgrove (despite being an evil teen), Mr. Candy Cane
Minions No minions, yet is assisted by Compliens
Enemies Justin Bieber The Evil Teens, Dr. Social Studies
Likes Science
Dislikes Dinkleburg..., The Meme Destroyer
Powers and abilities None, but uses SCIENCE!
Weapons Scientific Electronic Sword, Beam-o-nator, Laser Glasses

CompliensCreator00 is one of the main characters in The Bunker. He is known to like Science and his enemy is Dr. Social Studies. He died in Da Traen Ried but was revived in episode 142 (currently unnamed) Reving-Thingamaboby-Machiney-Thingy. In that gap, Mr. Candy Cane takes his place.


He is very energetic and is a large fan of Science. He also greatly enjoys the Muppets cuz there awesome! He's very smart being an inventor always showing off his new inventions.

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