A Loser...
Justin Beiber
Background information
Feature films The Bunker Movie
Television programs The Bunker
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by Justin Beiber
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards The Medal of Idiots
Character information
Full name Justin Drew Beiber
Other names
Personality Annoying,Ugly,Evil
Appearance Bad haircut,annoying voice
Goal Win the war
Home Hollywood
Allies Selena Gomez and the evil teens
Enemies The Bunker
Likes Winning
Dislikes The Bunker
Powers and abilities
Quote "Baby,Baby,Baby oh yeah..."

Oh my gosh. I have never seen something so vile!-GPS desribing beiber.

"Ugh *facepalms* Not him." - ACF's reaction to him

"My mouth tastes silt mentioning her name!"-Moon snail while talking about her.

Justin Beiber is the main antagnious of the Bunker, he is also main antagnious along with his evil teens including Selena Gomez,Sterling Knight & Demi Lavato,Justin Beiber wants to rule to world with his evil teens and win the war.


Justin Beiber is a very bad singer,he has a bad haircut and he's a villan,Justin Beiber wears a stupid purple shirt and stupid black pants because he thinks he's "Matcho" but he's not. Oh yeah he also likes to eat dog feces. When he dies he will burn in nether. In the beginning of the series he liked Selena Gomez but he turned her down after Miley Cyrus's breath began to smell like feet and he likes the flavor.


Justin has a bad haircut and a bad voice.


  • Justin Beiber is the only character who sings bad.
  • Justin Beiber secretly likes Miley Cyrus because her breath smells like feet.
  • He has no male fans. He has some female fans and THATS IT.
  • He won the KCA choice awards. (Rigged)
  • Looking at him directly inflicts pain.
  • He will become unopopluar in his 20's or 30's
  • Beiber can't hit Puperty.

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