Background information
Feature films The Bunker Movie
Television programs The Bunker
Video games Bunker Kartz
Park attractions
Portrayed by Kh2cool
Portrayed by
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Nice,Friendly,Dimwitted (Only for the show)
Appearance Wears red dispite favorite color being blue
Occupation Boy,Adventurer
Affiliations The Bunker
Home New York (Former)

The Bunker (New home)

Allies The Bunker
Enemies Justin Beiber & Evil Teens
Likes Video Games,Kingdom Hearts,Toy Story,Diary of a wimpy kid,Movies,Family guy & American Dad
Dislikes Idiots,Rude people,friends who don't act friendly,when people hate Xbox360,The Cleeveland Show
Powers and abilities
Weapons Keyblade
Quote "What could possibly go wrong?"

Kh2cool is one of the main protagonists of The Bunker ,Kh2cool first appeared Pilot,Kh2cool is the all time biggest Kingdom Hearts fan the world has ever had he has just about every merchandise there is,he now lives in the Bunker with two of his best friends in real life,his friends from the Bunker and various pets he's come to own throughout the series.

Personality and AppearenceEdit

Kh2cool is a very nice person,he is usually there for someone to help them out with their problem but every once in a while Kh2cool can be dimwitted,Kh2cool is not a really big fan of school and he wants absolutley nothing to do with school even though he goes anyway,Kh2cool is also an extreamly good cook and usually the Bunker lets him make the dinner.

Kh2cool has a signature outfit,He wears a black Longsleeve shirt and a red shortsleeve hoodie over the long sleeve shirt,he also wears black pants to match with his black shirt and he wears red knuckle gloves to match his shirt along with his signature red baseball cap that he always wears,last he wears white and red converse high tops.


  • Kh2cool's real life friends are actually members of wiki.
  • His favorite Concel he owns is the Playstation 3.
  • His favorite website other than wiki is
  • He likes playing Xbox Live with Turbo Furbo and one of his real life friends.

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