Moon snail is a character from The bunker.

He first appeared in the episode Cranky bugs when he got groceries and stepped across a Cranky bug hive.

Moon snail
Moon snail or kirby


Moon snail

Full name

Kirby/moon snail


First episode

Cranky bugs



Worst moment

Had his body switched with kirby's

Favorite color





The bunker, Maxwell, food, Cats, purple, Himself, Kh2cool, the internet, Jelly toast, PVZ.


J.B, Molochium (hates, but lets him be anyway) Straw king, hunger, heights, AFV, Adventure time, school.

He is best friends with CC00 and Kh2cool

he has a great taste for Maruchan, and eats them commonly .

he frequently tries to kill finn.


  • Simple side: not happy, sad or angered. just contnt.
  • Joyous side: Very happy side. usually does this when another kirby game comes out, He gets a ew pokemon or CC00 makes a working creation.
  • Fury side: When he goes into this side, STAY AWAY FROM HIM! he usually does this if Me gusta Yo soy feo is posted ANYWHERE, he is insulted enough or he meets J.B.
  • Depression side: He goes into a very mopey side. this happems when he loses a pokemon battle, someone else dies, or very sad events.
  • Questioning side:when something strange happens, he goes into this form.
  • Breakdown side:Moon snail faints when he gets critically injured. he usually breaks down for 5 minutes or 2 days.
  • Hungry: ...he gets hungry. Need I say more?

Color changesEdit

The thing that makes moon snail unique is when he get's a side, he changes skin color.

  1. Pink: He changes this color when he's content. he acts usual.
  2. Purple: When he is very ha[[y, he changes purple. he usually dances around when he is like this.
  3. Red: he is furiated when he changes this color. avoid him at all costs in this color. he usually eats a lot od stuff and breaks a lot of stuff.
  4. Blue: if you haven't guessed, he's depressed in this mode.
  5. Grey: when he goes in a minor breakdown, his color turns grey.
  6. Green:He's hungry when he's green. he zips right for the fridge when hungered.