Here are some of the basic rules and guidlines of the Bunker wiki, please read through these rules of you are new to this wiki and is interested to become apart of our community, they are just a few rules that are easy to remember.

Episodes Rules

  • No Swearing, do not use any swear words in the episodes this also goes for while contributing on this wiki if you say a swear word you will get a warning, if you refuse to stop swearing then you will get a 2 week ban,words such as Heck,Crap and Darn are allowed.
  • Nothing Inopropriate, that is not tolerated in this wiki anything PG-13 or R-Rated is not allowed and if such is found you will get a 4 Month Ban.
  • Do not edit someones episode at all unless he/she gives you permission to edit it.

Chat Rules

  • Same as usual No Swearing at all, although words such as Fawk,Dayum and Dafaq are allowed as long as you don't overuse it.
  • No Bullying on the chat.


  • Do not bully anyone on this wiki at all.
  • Please do not add your bias opinions in character pages (In other words please do not put things only you agree on and such)
  • Have fun and Be Creative.