Selena Gomez is the love intrest of Justin Beiber and a main villain in The Bunker.


She just LOVES Justin Beiber, whom she stalks everyday.She would do ANYTHING for Justin, him not do to him having a secret crush on Miley Cryus. They Make-out right out in the open, which is kinda disgusting. She is a Leisbain, do to her dating a girl, Justin. She also had some crappy Tvee shows like wizards of waverly place.


  • Justin Beiber
  • Stuiped Stuff (Like Justin Beiber)
  • REALLY stuiped Stuff (Like Justin Beiber)
  • Global Warming
  • Griefing.
  • Disney Teen Shows.
  • Your Worst Enemy!
  • Wa-fair
  • Making out with stupid things (like Justin Bieber)


  • Good things (Like Ponies)
  • Awesome-ness
  • Memes
  • Things that actally entertain people.
  • The Heavy.
    Selna Without her makeup

    Selna without her makeup!

  • You

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