The Bunker Wiki is a fanfiction wiki about a fannon sitcom,this TV show was originally on Random-ness Wiki but was moved to here for extra room and to be viewed by other people.

Featured Character

Sparkling Rainbowdash
Rainbow Dash is is a Pony that is in the Bunker. She's is very Loyal and will always come to here friends aid, she appears to take advantage of the fact having a crush on Dan so he can do whatever she says.....

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Our Purpose

The Bunker Wiki is a sitcom staring various users from Random-ness Wiki (If you are new to this wiki you can contribute there if you please) this wiki was created for extra room and space for a hole wiki, The Bunker is all fanfiction there isn't to many things on this wiki that are actually cannon but there are a few,before becoming apart of this community please follow these simple rules and guidlines.

About the Show

One dark and ominous day, Justin Bieber was just doing fine until his fame has really plummeted America. This made Justin Bieber really America. Meanwhile, the teen stars at It's A Laugh Productions started to worry about their fame. Justin Bieber notices this and rounded them up to start a resistance group. With a group of autotuned singers and actors/actresses, America was plunged in a terrible nightmare.....(read more)

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