Oh dear, now Maxwell has a cooking show!

Let's Go!Edit

Narrator: NO!

Me: CUT! CUT! CUT! Narrator, you're fired.

Narrator: *leaves*

Me: Brand Sparkling New Narrator, you're hired.

Brand Sparkling New Narrator: YAY! Anyways, The Bunker!

(cut to the Bunker dining room)

Maxwell the scribblenaut: So, this is that new awesome cereal that goes great with a soda. IT LOOKS BORING!

(cut to CC00's office)

(Knuckles the Echidna walks in)

Knuckles: Message for MTS!

(CC00 picks up the paper)

(he gets up and walks to the dining room)

Maxwell the scribblenaut: Must be my lottery numbers. (reading) "We want you to make a better dinner than us. Signed, the CEO of Octopus Foods".

(2 Hours Later, at the garage)

(the CC mobile arrives)

CC00: I heard Maxwell is starting a cooking show.

Little Miss Giggles: (laughing) That's great! (laughing)

CC00: I hope she goes to SPAGHETTI HECK!

Little Miss Giggles: (laughing) The WJZB (laughing) TV Station (laughing) crew is in the (laughing) car! (laughing)

(the CC mobile leaves, with country music playing)

(cut to the intro of the cooking show)

(cut to maxwell's room, where maxwell has pots, pans, food, and a anti-spider spray can)

(cut to me)

Me: May i assist you in your cooking.

Maxwell: Yes. Now put on this chef's hat! (throws a chef's hat) It's the best there is!

(cut to me with the hat on)

Maxwell: (throwing these stuff) Chicken! Cookie! Turkey! Cow! Pillow! Feather! Drumstick! Now i am going to crack this egg like the scribblenaut that hates the "I VANDLIZED" pages! (pulls a egg out of hammerspace)

(cut to a side view of the room)

Maxwell: This how the pro's do it! THE PRO'S! (cracks the egg) (cut back to the normal view) And right into the pot! It makes your mouth water with delight, doesn't-

Me: It seems you are mixing random stuff together.

Maxwell: GET OUT!

(cut back to the dining room)

Maxwell: Eat up folks. I worked mah earphones off of it.

Little Miss Helpful: Did i just eat a cottonball?

Maxwell: QUIET!


ACF: Well, we have to call Stanley Steamer.


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