Bugs invade the bunker and Moon snail finds the bunker (CONTRIBUTE OR JELLY TOAST!)


All Characters are asleep

(Door starts slamming)

(Door opens in a loud way)

(Everybody wakes up)


Tornadospeed: AAAH, is it breakfast time?

Moon snail: Guys, this is severe!

Bob: Moon, Being loud is NOT SEVERE!

Moon snail:No, really! I was chased by Cranky bugs!

Tornado: :/


Moon snail: Bob, Cranky bugs are evil bugs that are capable of eating buildings and people! they are huge! usually come in swarms of 10.

Bob: Why are they called "Cranky bugs"?

Moon snail: They usually go into swarms when they were P1ssed off.

Moon snail: I was just stepping across a hive!

Bob: what were you doing?

Moon snail: I was just getting groceries, like Maruchan ramen noodles and jel-

Tornado: EXACTLY! they have a developed taste for Noodles! NUUU

Bob: Just stay calm, and we'll be absolute-

Moon snail: Did I leave the door open again?

All 3: :O

(Starts rumbling)

Tornadospeed and moon snail: TOO LATE!

(Shows a Cranky bug breaking through the bunker and eating everyone)

Max: -Wakes up- hey guys, im gonna go eat cookies. ill be right back. see ya later.

(Max grabs a cookie to see Moon snail in the pile of cookies)

Moon snail: NO! NO COOKIES FOR U! *Eats his cookie*

Max: -_-

(Moon snail wakes up)

Moon snail: huh, Imma eat some cookies.

(Moon snail grabs a cookie)

(Shows cranky bug in the pile of cookies, and he jumps out and eats moon snail)

(Tornado wakes up)

Tornado: uugh. now to eat some coo-

(Max wakes up and morphs into a Cranky bug and eats everyone)

(Bob wakes up)

(Bob looks around)

oh forget it!

Mochlum: Very abrupt ending...

Tornadospeed: Quite.


3 seconds later...

J.B:NO! I DISAPPROVE!*flips to part 2*

Narrator: Sorry, but my pet slime monster ate the Part 2 script.



Part 2: The Bunker ProblemEdit

Rawrlego: (talking to himself) I got all the Bachmann and Hornby Thomas models, after rescuing them from the war. I am on my first project..... The Island of Sodor! I will recreate Tidmouth station in it's glory. Make the enormous viaduct. Create the famous hill that was christened after Gordon. And while my magnificent operation went underway, a frivolous thought came to me. "Could I recreate the stories? And make up new ones?" Yes, is my answer. So I wrote the scripts, built the engines that were not made by Hornby or Bachmann and set up the stage for my first ever story.

Max: (comes in) What are you doing?

Rawrlego: Building the Island... of Sodor!

Max: Okay... (puts down a mini laptop on Bachmann James' front) That should do good. I call it, JAMES, AND THE LAPTOP!


  • There is no known evidence of how moon snail got to the bunker.
  • There also is no evidence of how cranky bugs were existent.

Major eventsEdit

  • Moon snail is now officially released in the bunker
  • Noodles were introduced.
  • Cranky bugs are introduced.