The 13th episode of The Bunker...AYAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!

Part OneEdit

Narrator: THE BUNKER! (I finally get that right) Yes, it's a wonderful da-Hey where is everyone?

ACF: Three, two, one...NOW!

(ACF launchs a water balloon at....)

(Bob gets hit by it)

Bob: HEY! Watch it!

Bubbles: Don't you remember? It's Prank Day! =D

Bob: Prank Day? Don't you mean April Fools?

ACF: What? No. That's in April. And besides-

Pinkie Pie: April Fools is now Camp Rock Day! Don't you remember when the teens took over?

ACF: ....What Pinkie said. Anyways, the whole bunker trying to prank us!

Bob: Wait...What?

Pinkie Pie: Um...Bob?

Bob: What?

(Pinkie Pie points above Bob's head)

Bob: (Looks up) Oh...(sigh)

(Anvil falls on Bob's head)

ACF: Great job, Wakko!

(ACF highs fives Wakko)

Redsox: (yawn) Ugh, is it prank day? You know I hate this day....

ACF: Oh! I'm sorry. You can go back to bed.

Redsox: Yay.

ACF (to Bob): So anyways-


ACF and Bob: AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Redsox: (pops out of room) BWAHAHA!!!!!!!! Micro Sonic Grenade from ThinkGeek with a siren made up of 115 decibles for $5, thank you very much!


Redsox: Who cares? IT'S PRANK DAY!!!! Hey TS, think fast! (runs off)

Tornadospeed: (pauses video game) WUT?

MP: Hey Red!!

Redsox: Wut?

MP: Bring fast! *throws water balloon at Red*


MP: *runs away as fast as Sanic*

Redsox: (straps Sonic Grenage on shirt) SUICIDE ANNOYER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tornadospeed: HELLO, SUBJECTS! THINK FAST! (Dumps barrels of creamed corn on everyone) BWAHAHAHA!

ACF: I love Prank Day. HEY BLOSSOM!

Blossom: What?

ACF: CATCH! (throws bomb at Blossom) Blossom: AHHHHHHHHHHHH (blows up) ACF: Heh heheh heh

Blossom: I'm okay

MissingNo: Hey, how come I have no prank stuff?

At the Bad Guy's Base...Edit

Narrator: I wonder what the enemy is up to?

Teddy: Hey, stop calling us the enemy.

Narrator: Alright fine. Anyways....Uh..

Justin Bieber: Shut up, you. We're trying to make some evil plans here...

(4th Wall breaks)

4th Wall: No wonder your the bad guys....>:|

Selena Gomez: ...Anyways, how about we spy on them?

Justin Bieber: YEAH!


Mochlum: Hey guys! Anybody want to join me on Mario Kart 7 multiplayer?

Rainbow Dash: Sure!

Mochlum: (picks up 3DS but gets sucked into portal of the 3DS and dies)

Rainbow Dash: Aw yeah! Best prank ever!

Twilight Sparkle: You just killed him!

Rainbow Dash: ...

Mario: ...

Rainbow Dash: I feel bad for Moch.

Mario: I feel bad for Moch.

Rainbow Dash: Shut up.

Mario: Shut up.

Mario: Join me, or else you will DAI!

(universe becomes unbalanced)

Narrator: And that is why there are pumpkins.

Justin Bieber: (outside bunker) HEY GUYS! WANT THIS CAN OF NUTS?

Mochlum: (runs downstairs) NUTS! :D (opens can and black hole opens sucking up America)

Rainbow Dash: That is strange, I excpeted toy snakes or springs or something.

Narrator: And that is why-

Mario: That is strange, I excpeted toy snakes or springs or something.

Rainbow Dash and Narrator: -_-


Justin Bieber: (sings Baby)

(Everyone throws bricks at him)

Tornadospeed: I KNOW WHAT TO DO! IT'S THE ULTIMATE PRANK! Or, the basis of it.

ACF: Which is...?

Bob and the rest of The Bunker: ....?

Mochlum: Is the anti-Baby song? THAT OLD GUY, OLD GUY, OLD GUY OOOOH!

Bob: Ugh....I HATE that song..

Everyone: Well..WHAT'S THE PRANK!?

ACF: Can you tell us NOW?

Tornadospeed: Nope! Template:Troll

ACF: -_-

Tornadospeed: Just throw these "water" balloons at him. It'll be awesome. (gives everyone water balloons)

Mochlum: Blehehe... (throws water balloons at JB)

JB; What the- HEY! STOP! (runs away and cries)

Mochlum: Yes! We got him!

JB: (comes back with mega suit)

Mochlum: AH COME ON! (gets out mallet and whacks him)


Mochlum: NEVER! (whacks you again)

JB: DOH! I hate you. (goes home)


Narrator: The end!

Tornadospeed: Why didn't my freezing potion work?

(JB freezes)

Tornadospeed: Much better.