The Season 1 Finale of....THE BUNKER! Duh duh duuuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhh

After what happened in the end..Edit

Bob: (sobs) WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(GPS pats Bob's back)

GPS: (sobs)

Chris: Dan's...gone.

Pinkie Pie: And so is Rainbow Dash! And (censored for spoilers)!

Bubbles: (sobs)

Yakko: I can't believe it. She...She...(censored for spoilers)

Dot: Am I the only one who thinks that's shocking that (censored for spoilers)?

Isabella: No, no your not.

Tornadospeed, Wakko, and MissingNo.: Same here!

Buttercup: We have to go save them!

Twilight Sparkle: But if we do, then the Bunker is doomed!

Redsox: (sigh) She's right. If we want to save them, then we'll have to figure out another way.

Eariler That Day...Edit

Narrator: THE BUNKER! What a wonderful day today!

ACF: Hey, where's Perry?

Bob: You do realize that you don't have to say that since Doof isn't even doing anything evil since he got brainwashed?

ACF: Yeah. I saw that happen. (shudders) But it's fun to say.

Perry: Grururururu (...)

(In the other room..)

Dan: TV REMOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chris and Elise: -_-

Rarity: Does this happen alot?

Elise: Yes, yes it does.

(Back to ACF & Bob...)

ACF: ...Anyways.....

Bob: Hm....Hey, wanna watch The Hunger Games movie again?

ACF: Sure! I'll get Redsox and Mochlum to watch, as well.

(ACF and Bob walk into the room with Dan, Chris, Elise, and Rarity)

ACF: Just to let you guys know, were going to watch The Hunger Games movie again...Just to let you know.

Rarity: You mean that violent- I mean that movie with kids....

Chris: (gulp)

Dan: I hate that movie. What's the point of making kids fight to the death? It's pointless! (writes The Hunger Games on his list)

Bob: ....Yeah that one.

Redsox and Mochlum: Did someone say The Hunger Games movie?

ACF: That's us.

Redsox and Moclum: YAY! =D PUT IT IN PUT IT IN!

ACF: (puts H.G Movie in the 3D HD Blu-ray player)

Everyone but Chris, Dan, and Rarity: YAY!


Narrator: But while they were watching the movie, Justin Bieber and the Disney Teens were talking...

Justin Bieber: So you know how to get to The Bunker?

???????: Yep.

David Henrie: That's wonderful....

???????: BUT.

Everyone but ??????: What?

???????: If you want me to tell you, I want your chocolate.

Miley Cyrus: Ugh. Fine. Justin, give the chocolate.

Justin Bieber: But I LOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE chocolate.

Selena Gomez: Do you WANT those annoying cartoons and those even more annoying surviors?

Justin Bieber: Fine. (gives ??????? the chocolate)

???????: Here's how we get there..

Back at The Bunker...Edit

Mochlum: That movie was EPIC!

Redsox: I know! And it's only the middle of the movie!

ACF: I knowz!

Derpy Hooves: I like that Katniss lady.

ACF, Redsox, and Mochlum: Who doesn't?


Rainbow Dash: That movie was SO AWESOME!

Everyone: I know!

Pinkie Pie: There was singing, and arrows, AND FIRE! =D

Dan: (mumbling) I still hate singing.

ACF: You can thank the movie makers for that.

Bubbles: I liked Rue..Too bad she...she..(sobs)

Blossom: It's okay, Bubbles. It's just a movie.

Bubbles: (sniff) Okay.

Buttercup: I'm hungry. I'm gonna have some steak.

(Buttercup goes to the kitchen)

ACF: Well, I'm going to bed. Good-night.

(ACF goes to her room)

Yakko: Hey.

Wakko: Ello.

Dot: What'cha doin?

(In the distance)

Isabella: Grrr.....(rips a piece of paper)

(back to the room)

ACF: Going to bed. You guys?

Wakko: Uh....I'm gonna eat snacks all night.

(Wakko goes to the kitchen)

Wakko: Hi.

Buttercup: Hey.


Buttercup: Soooo....What are you?

Wakko: An animaniac.

Buttercup: Besides that.

Wakko: Hm...Oh yeah! Were- IS THAT A BOX OF COOKIES!?!?

Buttercup: (sigh) I'll ask later.

(Now back to ACF's room)

Yakko: You know random message thing, it's OUR room (4th Wall cracks again)

4th Wall: I HATE YOU!

ACF: Yakko....NVM. Good night.

(ACF goes to sleep in the bottom bunk)

Narrator: To clear up confusion, the Warners and ACF share a room...With bunk beds.

Dot: It's pretty obivious, Mr. Narrator.

Narrator: Well, the readers can't see that.

(4th Wall cracks)

4th Wall: Why do I even bother?

MissingNo.: Guys, stop breaking the 4th Wall.



ACF: (yawns) Morning Yakko, Wakko, and Dot.

Dot: They're already up.

ACF: Okie....Hey, where's Bob?

Dot: Eating breakfast.

(ACF walks to the kitchen)

ACF: Hey Bob.

Bob: Hi (eats cereal)

Pinkie Pie & GPS: HAI!

ACF: Hey guys! What-

Isabella: (glares at ACF....Hard)

ACF: You know what I mean. -_-

Pinkie Pie: We found this note for you!

GPS: It's from someone named ???????

ACF: (takes note from Pinkie, and reads note)

ACF: (reading the note out loud) Whoever is reading this. I know where you are. I will get Justin Bieber and the Teens to get you guys. I told them where you are. Don't ask why this has so many sentences. Now this note is getting too long. So in other words: I WILL FIND YOU! Signed, ???????

Everyone: ......

ACF: Is it Prank Day already?

Bleap: BLEAP! (No)

ACF: Then who wrote the note?

Bob: Maybe it's a stalker...

Buttercup: Nah. I would beat that guy up already.....


Bubbles: What if this is true? I DON'T WANT TO BE A SLAVE!

ACF: It probably isn't...I hope....(gulp)

Rainbow Dash I'm getting bored. I'm going outside.

Everyone else: O:


Rainbow Dash: So? I can beat them with my awesome speed.

Bubbles: But they can get you with their autotuned songs!

Rainbow Dash: .....I'm still going out there.

(Rainbow Dash goes out the door)




ACF, Pinkie, Bubbles, GPS, and Perry: (playing cards)

Perry: Grurururur

ACF: COME ON! You always win. Oh. Hey RD!

Rainbow Dash: -_- I'm going to watch Scare Tatics.

While that was happening...Edit

Justin Bieber: Are you sure this will work?

???????: Yes, yes it will.

???????2: Besides, it's as easy as eip.

Selena Gomez: Wut?

???????: He means pie. He doesn't get you're language.

Miley Cyrus: Uh..Okay.....

Jake T. Austin: So, want to hear me sing? :D

Everyone: NO!

Jake T. Austin: :(

Back to Where We Were BeforeEdit

ACF: Wanna play another game of cards?

Pinkie Pie: Nah. I'm gonna bake some cupcakes.

ACF, GPS, and the other broines: O_O

Pinkie Pie: What? They're just-

GPS: No...Just no.

Pinkie Pie: You don't want me to bake cupcakes?

ACF: ...Fine. Go ahead.

Pinkie: YAY! (Goes to the kitchen)

Every brony: ....

ACF: What? It's the CANON Pinkie, not the crazy fanon one..(shudders)

(4th Wall cracks again) (He doesn't say anything.)

MissingNo.: I'm gonna eat cookies now.

ACF: Okie. I'll uh...Do stuff.

(ACF goes outside...Or what is outside)

ACF: ...(sigh) What if that note is right? What if they do know where we are. What if-

Brick: DON'T SING!

ACF: I WON'T! (sigh) And boredom strikes again..

(Bubbles comes outside..Or what is outside)

Bubbles: Hi! What'cha doin?

Isabella: GGGGRRRRR (breaks pencil)

Bubbles: So...What's wrong? You usually never come outside because of the nuclear waste and all.

ACF: It's just...The note.

Bubbles: What? Ohhhhh...That note.

ACF: Yeah. THAT note.

Bubbles: Well like you said, it could be fake.

ACF: Yeah, but it isn't Prank Day yet.

Bubbles: Well, maybe they couldn't wait, so they pranked today.

ACF: I guess that's reasonable... I guess. I'm going back in. The toxic watse is killing me.

Bubles: Okie Dokie!

(ACF & Bubbles go back inside)


Justin Bieber: Are we there-

Everyone: NO!

???????: It's gonna take some time to cross this toxic waste river, you know.

Miley Cyrus: Wait, a toxic river?

Selena Gomez: Uh yeah. Remember the war? The BAD part of it?

Miley Cyrus: Oh yeah.

???????2: Are we there NOW?

???????: NO! And why aren't we on planes and in Justin's car?

Jake T. Austin: Blame our mega ruler -_-

Justin Bieber: Fine, we'll change to planes.

TOO MANY SECTIONS! I mean..Back to The BunkerEdit

ACF: I'm bored...Where's that moon ice cream?

Bob: I don't-

(shake and boom)

Everyone: WHAT WAS DAT?!?

Blossom: It's probably just an earthquake, guys. Nothing to worry about.

Everyone else: -_-

Rainbow Dash: I'll check it out.

Pinkie Pie: But what if it's the bad guys? What if they came to get us?

ACF: (gasp!) (Flashback)

ACF: ...(sigh) What if that note is right? What if they do know where we are. What if-

(Back to the real world)

ACF: ...I'll check it out.

Pinkie Pie: But-

ACF: (I have to do what I have to do..To save The Bunker..) Me and Rainbow Dash will go.

Rainbow Dash: Well FINALLY someone is on my side!

Bubbles: (flashbacks like ACF) Bu-

(ACF and Rainbow Dash go outside)

ACF: Don't do it.

Justin Bieber: Do what?

ACF: Take us. Just don't.

Rainbow Dash: Or you'll be talking to my fists!


Bob: We need to out there. Who knows what will happen to them if we just leave them out there?

Spike: Yeah.

MissingNo.: Well, come on then! Let's go!

(Everyone in The Bunker goes outside)

CCs and Cream: They look fam- IT'S THEM!

Justin Bieber: Yes it's us. (Sigh) So...Now what?

???????: I want the girl.

Every girl in The Bunker: Which one?

???????: Her. (points to ACF)

ACF: Hey, you look fami- You

???????: Yes it's me. Can't believe you reconized me.

Bob: What do you want, 10FCA?

10FCA (Also known as ???????): Let's see. Revenge on ACF for putting me in the 5th Dimension *PPG epsiode reference* So I thought-

Buttercup: Don't get into that whole "I'm gonna get some help fro other bad guys" thing again.

MarioPhineas76: You and what army?

Everyone else: DON'T SAY THAT!

MP76: ...Okay.

10FCA: Sadly, the only other person I brought with me was Bob.

Bob: ME!?!

???????2: No, me!

Bob: Oh so you're...Bob.

Evil Bob: Yeah..ANYWAYZ!

10FCA: Oh, and don't even THINK about trying to attack us. We have firebombs.

Redsox: Just like the Capital. I KNEW IT WAS REAL!

10FCA: In an other dimension, YES!

ACF and MissingNo.: Told you.

Redsox: -_-

10FCA: So...Now were going to ATTACK!

ACF: WAIT! DON'T! Just...No.

(Everyone stops)

ACF: Take me insted.

Chris: Isn't the wrong moment to say that?

ACF: No, no is isn't.

10FCA: Okie...Uh...

The Final PartEdit

ACF: (SONG TIME!) Well everyone. It's looks like the end. I'm sorry, but if I want you guys and the Bunker to be safe, then I'll have to give in.


Pinkie Pie & Bubbles & GPS: SH!

Brick: ...

ACF: (STILL SONG TIME!) Now this is the part where I say goodbye. GPS.

GPS: Wut?

ACF (Song time...again): You were awesome, and another brony like me.

GPS: ...

AN HOUR LATER (And after telling almost all of The Bunker goodbye)

ACF (Still in Song mode...duh): Yakko.

Yakko: ?

ACF (Song Time...DUH!): You were in some way like me...ish. And now I wonder why this isn't over yet.

(4th Wall cracks..But doesn't care)

4th Wall: (sniff)

ACF (Song...yeah): (gulp) I'm gonna do this now..(gulp) (THIS PART HAS BEEN- Nevermind.) *kisses Yakko*

Everyone else: GASP, OMG, (faints) WUT?!?!, ..., etc

ACF (Singing still): *stops* I had to that just once.

Yakko: .....

ACF (Were almost done singing here): So goodbye. Goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee (sheds a tear)

Rainbow Dash: Time to beat-

ACF: No, I'm sticking to my promise.

Pinkie Pie: But...(sobs)

Dan: I hate love.

Chris: U- I'm not saying anything.

(The ground suddenly shakes)


(The ground breaks up...And inside is lava mixed with toxic watse)

Bob: Seriously?


Rainbow Dash: I'm still beating some sense into them.

Dan: And I just realized something. YOU'RE THE GUYS THAT STOLE MY PIE!

10FCA & Other Bad Guys: We did? Oh yeah.

Dan: Now give it! Or else-

Chris: Dan..


(Ground breaks to where The Bunker and everyone is on one side, while ACF, Rainbow Dash, and Dan (and the bad guys) is on the other)

Bubbles: Guys! You can still make it!

Rainbow Dash & Dan: I'm giving these guys a piece of my mind. HEY! STOP COPYING ME!

10FCA: Hey, I just realized something...LET'S GET OUTTA HERE!

Guard Droid (DId you really think I was going to forget them): (Pushes the 3 into plane)

ACF: I'm sorry guys...Goodbye..

(Door closes)


10FCA (on an intercom): Oh and one more thing. If any of you try to rescue them, then-

Evil Bob: Then we'll get you!

10FCA: Goodnight.

(Plane flies off, and you can still hear RD and Dan argue)

Narrator: .....Isn't this the part where-

Bob: (sobs) WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?!?! WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(GPS pats Bob's back)

GPS: (sobs)

Chris: Dan's...gone.

Pinkie Pie: And so is Rainbow Dash! And ACF!

Bubbles: (sobs)

Yakko: I can't believe it. She...She...Kissed me.

Dot: Am I the only one who thinks that's shocking that ACF kissed Yakko?

Isabella: No, no your not.

Tornadospeed, Wakko, and MissingNo.: Same here!

Buttercup: We have to go save them!

Twilight Sparkle: But if we do, then the Bunker is doomed!

Redsox: (sigh) She's right. If we want to save them, then we'll have to figure out another way.


Mario: ...Let's sing the song.

(Everyone goes back inside)

Phineas: Meap?

Meap: (starts the song)

(When the books part comes)

Redsox & Twilight Sparkle: We still have...books

(When it gets to the TV part)

Bob: ....Uh...

Bleap: ...Is this my par-

Bob: No.

(ACF's solo comes)


Everyone else: (sobs)

Narrator: This is depressing. ACF and Rainbow and Dan gone?!? No It's Gonna Be Fine? CURSE YOU 10FCA AND JUSTIN BIEBER! ...AND THE TEENZ!

THE END! Or is it...?

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