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Here is the episode.

==Part 1:Its just a nickle though..==
Kh2cool:(walking to the Bunker) Aah..Bunker..sweet Bunker..

(slips on a nickle)

Kh2cool:(falls on ground) Ow! Stupid nickle..(picks it up)

(Nickle becomes shiny)

Kh2cool:Wow that nickle is so shiny..I gotta show it to the guys..

(walks inside)

Kh2:Hey guys.


Bob:What's that?

Rosilina:Its a Nickle..

Kh2:Pretty cool huh?

ACF:Wow its so big and shiny...

MP76:Yeah pretty cool nickle..its really shiny.

Maxwell:They're right biggest most best nickle ever.

Yakko:I don't see what the big deal is..its just a nickle.

Wakko: -_- Way to ruin the fun.

ACF:Yakko doesn't know how awesome this nickle is..get him out of here..

Patrick:I'm on it.

(picks up Yakko)

Yakko:Hey wait.

MP76:We like you and all but your not in this episode..

Forth Wall:(breaks)

Patrick:(throws Yakko out the house)

Pinkie Pie:Can I have the nickle.

Fluttershy:He's giving it to me.

Alvin:It belongs to me!

Coco:No me!

Greg:No! I want it!!

Kh2:Does everyone want it?

CC00Bro:Yup :)

ACF:We'll do anything for that nickle..


Wakko:Yes anything..

Kh2:How about everything...

==Part 2:Anything you want..==
Wakko:Do I really have to do this.

Kh2:Come on...

Wakko:Its embarassing...

Kh2:Come on..just do it..

Wakko:I really hate you right now..

(walks over wearing a Fairy Princess crown,pink princess dress and matching tutu)

Wakko: *sigh* I'm a fairy princess. (talks without emotion)

Kh2:Ha ha ha (takes pictures) Say more..

Wakko:I'm a fairy princes.. (talks without emotion)


Yakko:Hello guys ;)

Buttercup:No your not in this episode -_-

Yakko:Fine..(jumps out window)

Wakko:I'm so pretty in my pink tutu. (talks without emotion)

Kh2:Okay that's all I wanted.

Wakko:If you excuse me I'm going to eat ice cream so I can go to bed..


Yakko:You forgot me..

Crunch:That's it -_____-

ACF:We like you and all but no nonsence.

(throws Yakko in the sky)

Yakko:Aaahhh! (falls into space)

(Kh2cool is walking on a bridge)

Justin Beiber:Hey cool Nickle..


Justin Beiber:Can I have it..


Justin Beiber:Please..

Kh2:Say it one more time and I'll push you off the bridge..

Justin Beiber:Please..?

Kh2cool:That's it.

(Kh2 is the guy on the left,and Justin Beiber is the guy on the right.)

File:RIVER RAGE!!!.gif

Kh2:Aww man..I'm all wet..(gets out of river)

(walks back home)

Kh2:This nickle will do anything I want for me :)

(hours later)

Fredthefish: I'm so hungry. :(

Derpy: Hey, guess what! Kh2cool has a nickel!


Kh2:Don't eat the Nickle! Eat some Brownies instead!


  • Eats the Brownies*


Tornadospeed: NICKELS GO TO SPAEC!! Template:Troll UMAD KH2COOL?

Kh2: TS is in this episode? FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU *raeg*

Faves: So am I. Also, I NEED A NICKLE FOR THAT GUMBALL MACHNIE OVER THERE (Points to random gumball machine) Does anyone know where I can get one?

Kh2:Nope. *puts nickel in pocket*

Yakko:I still don't see what the big deal is.

Faves: What the big deal is about what?

Yakko: Kh2's nickel.

Kh2: (Whisers to Yakko) Shut up...

Yakko: Yeah, he has it in his pocket right now...

Faves: Ok.... (Charges at Kh2) FOR THE SAKE OF GUMBAAAAAAALLS!!!!!!!!

.*Image of classic spongebob appears on-screen*

Narrator:KH2 is fine, but he has some injuries.

???(secretly moon snail):Well, that wtaps up the episode.

all:See you then!

Kh2: No one gets this nickle! Its mine forever, unless you do what I say.

Wakko:Give us the Nickle!!!!