The 3rd episode...YESH!

Part OneEdit

Narrator: THE CITY OF TOWN-Wait wrong show...-_-. Anywho, THE BUNKER! I wonder what interesting thing is happening today...

ACF: Ugh. I'm so bored...

Tornadospeed: Well. I'm bored. As usual.

MissingNo: Why don't you guys just play Mario Kart with me? I'm having a great time!

ACF: Sure. But remember, I'm Daisy.

Daisy: I'm Daisy!

ACF: .....I'm still Daisy in the game, though.

MissingNo: Well, I'm Toad. Don't question it.

ACF: I won't. Hey, where's Perry?

Mochlum: I'm over here!

Perry: -_- Grururururu.

Mochlum: (trollface)

Tornadospeed: ...pie.

Gray Pea Shooter: IMA FIREN MA BWAHGH!

Mochlum: Hey, wanna buy some FREE SWAG?

Mario: Yes.

Mochlum: OKay. Step 1: User the boring-inator.

Mario: OKAY! (uses boring-inator and turns the Bunker into...)

The BoringkerEdit

Mochlum: I'm gonna go eat plain bran and then watch smexy pr0n on television.

Tornadospeed: Okay. I'm going to go watch some grass grow.

TAG: Hei Boyz

Mochlum: May you please quite down? I am trying to watch this paint dry at the same time as this trash decomposes. It is multi-tasking.

Gaepora: (walks in) Hello chaps I got back from my walk.

Mochlum: Sshh! I am trying to study the beige walls.

Gaepora: ...what the heck is wrong with you?

Mochlum: I don't know. I feel a brand new sensation. I call it sanity. It is the feeling of no random-ness or insanity. Everything is calm.

Gaepora: Wel... I'm gonna go take a bath.

Mochlum: A plain one?

Gaepora: Of course not! A bubble bath.

Mochlum: Bubble bath? I do not find the logic or sanity of that.

Gaepora: (faceplm)

Tornadospeed: (Still watching grass grow) meh, who needs insanity?

Major Monogram: (walks in) What happened?

Gaepora: Everyone is being boring!

Major Monogram: I know a way we can make it exciting! VIDEO GAMES! We can pretend to be video games, eh?

Gaepora: I am a video game.

Major Monogram: Then become another one!

(ten minutes later)

Major Monogram: HELLO KIDS! (puts on Majora's Mask) I am Majora Monogram! I am the classic 64 game Majora's Mask! Now I'm gonna go find my friend and use the Fierce Diety mask!

Gaepora: And I am Super Gaepora Bros! Kill that Bath-ba or Goomba, and save Princess Peach! Yay!

Mochlum: (watching paint) ...

Tornadospeed: (watching grass grow) ...

Part 3Edit

Geapora: Come on guys, get exciting!

Major Monogram: Oh no! He is in a ... trance! He might die of ...ness!

Everyone; ...

Gaepora; How can we fix it?

Major Monogram: ...

Gaepora: Uh oh..

Gaepora: I know! How about some exciting music! (turns on the radio)

(boring elevator music plays)

Gaepora: What? (changes station)

(boring elevator music plays)

Tornadospeed: We've replaced all the station with elevator music.... That way, we can all live peacefully...

Gaepora: No!

MissingNo: *walks in* HEY, you old guys! Why are you watching grass grow and paint dry? I've been waiting for like 15 minutes for someone to play Mario Kart with me!

Mochlum: Meh. I just preordered my game "Mario Paint". The point is to watch Mario's beige paint dry.

Gaepora: UGH! THAT IS IT! (transforms into vacuum cleaner, sucks up all the boring stuff in the Boringker, and spits it out) ARE YOU RANDOM NOW!?

Mochlum; NOt that much, but I guess I'll try Mario Kart.

Gaepora: its a start at least...

Mochlum: (playing Mario Kart) Oh yay! I am in 1st! On the final lap, too! (blue shell hits) WHAT?!?! NO! CURSE YOU GAME! RAGE! I ALMOST MADE IT! ANGER! FURY! PAIN! DEATH! RAAAR!

Gaepora: Wait, I think that made you random again! HEY, EVERYONE, PLAY SOME MARIO KART!

MissingNo: Yeah, just try. I bet you can't beat- *race starts*

Tornadospeed: No, my grass hasn't grown to 7.812 inches yet!

MissingNo: Come on! Would you watch grass grow to 7.8... whatever, or race me in Mario Kart?

Tornadospeed: I will continue watching grass grow until the world ends. (keeps watching)


Tornadospeed: Gawd this is boring. But I have to keep doing this. It's in the script.

MissingNo: *rips up script into pieces* Now it's not. Now be random and play with me on Mario Kart!

Tornadospeed: (Deep voice) Never. Mario Kart is not random enough. I will play Mario Kart Random instead. (plays that)

MissingNo: *gasp* Hey! You're being random! You're cured!

Tornadospeed: Yeah. Who needs sanity anyway?

Tornadospeed: But the one thing that can't be cured is my desire to play Portal 1 more time. Now lets get out of here, this episode is getting long.


Tornadospeed: This episode is missing something. Something... cakey.

The end...?

Redsox: (makes up for being absent) O NO IT'S NOT!!!!!!

ACF: (Does what Red is doing) YEAH! We didn't even sing the song yet....Did we?

Bob: We didn't...Meap?

Meap: (starts the song)



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