Another POP QUIZ!

Transcript: Act 1Edit

Narrator: Deal with it.


Narrator: Ouch.

Heavy Mailbox: Why did i lose job as narrator? WHY!?!?!?

(Tom Tipper stuffs mail into Heavy Mailbox's mouth)

Heavy Mailbox: *grunts*

(LiaFH takes the mail)

(cut to Maxwell sorting the mail)

Maxwell the scribblenaut: Legal processing letters, i know this scam. Once they claimed they had served me for a lawsuit for a $321,000 payday loan which I did not take out. And their mail envelopes have a picture of a large arm shaking money from a consumer who is strung upside down. (checks other mail) Bills, bills, bills, bills, unsolicited debt collection letters from a debt collecter company we don't do business with, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, bills, Smexy Pron, bills, bills, bills, bills, bi- OH! MY NEW MIGHTY MORPHIN' POWER RANGERS DVD BOXSET! (sets up DVD and plays it, then returns to sorting the mail) Bills, bills, bills, and a survey letter. (feeds survey letter to the Fgfgkdjhsnjywhsdjujwmomster)

The Big Mouth Game Announcer from Captain Planet: Let's do a pop quiz!


Stan Blather: That big mouth from Captain Planet is hosting a pop quiz (not a pop music related one) in the studio of a North Korean public broadcaster. And you can watch commercials on the box next to me.

(zoom into the box)

(Local Ad Break)

Transcript: Act 2Edit

(Return from the Local Ad Break)

(cut to the North Korean public broadcaster studio)

North Korean Cameraman: Check the time!

ACF: Wow, North Korea and all of it's enemies signed a peace treaty in order to make this possible. And why he is from North Korea, and he's speaking American English in a British accent?

Lily: We can't afford subtitles.

(4th wall cracks)

4th Wall: Next time, i'm moving to an part of America unaffected by the war.

ACF: That's New England. *rimshot* Too soon?

British Cameraman: And we're on in 3, 2, 1!

Game Show Announcer: Welcome to.......

Hawaiian singers: POP QUIZ!

Game Show Announcer: I'm a giant mouth. And here's our contestants!

The ContestantsEdit

Mr E. R. Bradshaw of Napier Court, Black Lion Road, (London, England) SE 5

The Bunker Gang

The Cast of Darkwing Duck

Game Show Announcer: In our game, the winner will take home $5,000 and $1000, which equal $15000 in sweepstakes and guns to kill process servers and debt collectors many piles of Broccoli Poppers! Now, the buzzers?

(red haired duck presses buzzer)

GSA: Miss Red Haired Girl Duck?

Gosalyn: My name is Gosalyn, not Miss Red Haired Girl Duck! Anyway, what is the question?

GSA: What was the first year of the 3987's? Gosalyn!

Gosalyn: 3987!

GSA: Correct!

(Mr ER presses buzzer)

GSA: Mr ER, what is the first scam in the world?

Mr ER: The nigeran fraud letters from the 1800's.

GSA: Correct!

Michael Rosen: (appears out of nowhere) NOOOOOOOOOOO BIG MOUTHS!

(anvil falls on Rosen)

GSA: Who let the overused internet memes in?

The Fat Controller: I did!


(Local Ad Break)

Transcript: Act 3Edit

(Return from Local Ad Break)

GSA: Now, it's time for Round 2!

(Moscow playing)

(ACF presses buzzer)

GSA: ACF? What is the best As Seen on TV product?

ACF: Sham-Wow!

GSA: Correct!


Stan Blather: We interrupt your game show for the news, the creator of Dipper Goes to Taco Bell has been arrested in Gravity Falls, inside a Taco Bell.


GSA: Now here's some folks!



Inspector Gadget

The Fat Controller

Michael Rosen


GSA: Now, let's begin, with Round 4!

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