Here's the Bunker!

Where is it?Edit

The Bunker is located in the middle of an ghost town in the Middle of Nowhere, in the United States-Mexico border. The Bunker is as big as The Far Far Away Castle in the Shrek Series.

Other stuffEdit

At the entrance, which is covered up with protective steel, they have a McDonald's that looks like this, that sells both US menu items and the international menu items and some discounted ones (including the Triple Cheeseburger), it also sells beer, and root beer!

The garage is a clone of the Führerbunker's garage, complete with all kinds of vehicles such as Cars, Jeeps, Vans, Bikes, Trucks, Space Ships, Air Planes, Space Pods, Helicopters and more.

The entire bunker is underground, and has a "Welcome Room" that includes a fancy selection of Magazines, fancy soaps and fancy peanuts. When entering the Bunker you can see three rooms, One is the living room and inside there you find 4 big couches near a tv, A flat screen HD 3D Compatible TV, with every dvd and video game known to man along with every console.


Kh2cool's RoomEdit

  • Romates:Crash Bandicoot, Ratchet, Clank, Patrick Starfish, Greg Heffley, Rowley Jefferson, Sora, Roxas, Riku and Ventus, Marty the Zebra, Alex the Lion, Sly Cooper and Daxter, Mario, Wario, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles.
  • Located:In next to CCs and Cream and Mariophineas76's room, and across from ACF's room.
  • Details:Second Largest Room in the Bunker, Located at the top floor, Everyone has a super warm blanket with hot settings when its cold and cold settings when its hot, each bed also comes with a water bottle holder on the side.
  • Intertainment:80 Inch Flat Screen 3D Compatible TV with 99 channels, A Stereo with loud speakers and we have over 1000 CD's for it, Everyone has there own Laptops.
  • Consoles We Have:NES, SNES, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, Sage Gamegear, Sega Dreamcast, 60 GB Playstation 3 that plays PS1 and PS2 Games, Xbox, Xbox360, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Pocket, Gameboy Advanced, Gameboy Advanced SP, Nintendo DS, DS Lite, DSI, DSIXL,3DS, PSP and PS Vita.
  • A Secret Elevator that takes you up to the roof to look at the beautiful night sky and shooting stars.
  • A refridgerator that includes all of the best food and drinks that world has.

MarioPhineas76's RoomEdit

  • Roomates: CCs, Monogram, Gaepora, TS, Red, Bob, Luigi, and Link.
  • Has a Wii, 3DS, N64, NES, SNES, Bed, bean bag, lava lamp, pool table, Flat screen TV with Blu-ray, sofa, Nintendo posters, alarm clock, Mario Kart Wii wall stickers, computer.

AwesomeCartoonFan01's RoomEdit

  • Roommates: The Warners (Yakko, Wakko, and Dot), Bob, Pinkie Pie, The Powerpuff Girls (and Brownie) (All in bunkbeds)
  • I have-
    • Nintendo consels (Wii, 3DS, Wii U, DS Lite, etc)
    • A 3D TV, with a 3D Bluray DVD player.
    • A secret entrance under the room where ACF and her roomates put all of their stuff in.
    • A secret layer under the floor of the room.

CCs and Cream's RoomEdit

  • Roommates: Gaepora, Monogram, Adult Aang, Tenzin, Doofenshmirtz, Bowser
  • The largest bedroom in the Bunker, almost 3 levels high. He basically lives in the Master Bedroom.
  • Located on the top-most floor of the Bunker.
  • No one took CCs and Cream's room after he left the Bunker during the first episode of season 8, right until Bowser & Jr. took the room (who is essentially the same person) in the last episodes of season 10.
  • Has:
    • Largest window in the Bunker
    • 4 king-sized beds
    • two lofts at both ends of the room containing 2 California king-sized beds each
    • one higher secret loft with a vibrating bed the length of a king-sized bed and the width of a California king-sized bed (basically, CCs and Cream sleeps in the largest bed in the Bunker)
    • desktop computer
    • mini kitchen
      • mini fridge
      • mini microwave
      • mini stove with a mini oven
      • mini kitchen sink
      • mini dishwasher
      • mini dish cabinet
      • pantry
    • a 3D Ultra HD TV (4320p) with adjustable 3D (no glasses required like the 3DS)
    • an Nintendo Entertainment System with 2 NES GamePads
    • a Super Nintendo Entertainment System with 2 SNES GamePads
    • a Nintendo 64 with 4 N64 controllers
    • a Nintendo GameCube with 4 wireless GCN controllers
    • a Wii with 4 Wii Motion Plus Remotes and Nunchucks, 4 Classic Controllers, a Wii Balance Board, and its own set of 4 wireless GCN controllers
    • a Wii U with two Wii U GamePads, 4 Wii U Pro Controllers, and its own set of 4 Wii Motion Plus Remotes and Nunchucks
    • a 60GB PlayStation 3 (the one that plays both PS1 and PS2 games) with four DualShock 3s and 4 PS Move motion controllers and PS Move navigation controllers
    • a VHS (yup :3)
    • a radio + MP3 player
    • a record player (:p)
    • a secret entrance to MP's bedroom
    • a secret vent hidden in CCs bed that leads to a beautiful viewing balcony that CCs uses as his "Thinking Place"
    • a canvas desk for CCs and Cream
    • a Master Bathroom
      • a Master Bathhouse for Gaepora
    • a mini laboratory and office space for both Doofenshmirtz and Monogram
    • a meditation area for Adult Aang and Tenzin
    • a warp pipe to Princess Peach for Bowser
    • pots for Link to break if he comes in
    • a cupboard that Link can't look through without permission

Turbo FurboEdit

  • Add your stuff

Thepussinboots898's RoomEdit

  • Add your stuff

Tornadospeed's RoomEdit

  • Roomates: Dimentio, Rosalina, Personality Cores, Chocolate Fish
  • Location: Right Wing
  • Wii
  • Small Incinerator for Destorying XBoxes (>:P)
  • DS and 3DS Charging Station
  • Elevators to Various Essental Rooms
  • A Mini Fridge (for storing Pie and Chocolate Milk)
  • A Pantry
  • Desktop Computer
  • Two Backup Laptops
  • Flatscreen TV with DVR and DVD/Blu-Ray Player
  • King-Sized Bed
  • Toaster Oven (for Toast and Bagels)
  • Microwave (for Popcorn)
  • Beta Portal Device
  • Four Bookshelves
  • Some Sciency Stuff
  • The Adventures of the Thin Green Man and His Friend Mr. Bleep Bloop (NOT A RADAR!)

Mochlum's roomEdit

  • My roommates: Perry, Yoshi, Doof, Toon Link, Pinkie
  • A 3DTV with 3D Blu-Ray player
  • A Wii U, Gamecube, 64, SNES, NES, Playstation, Playstation 2, Playstation 3, Sega Master System, and Sega Genisis.
  • A maze at the beginning, which is a special portal that can be used to portal to Mochlum's room. You may ask "Why would you need a portal to Moch's room?" Because Mochlum's room is very huge, and is secretly the Moon. The Moon was made as a space station and we used a super-memory modifier to modify everyone's memory in the world to remember the Moon.
  • An ocean for Toon Link, Yoshi's Island for Yoshi, Doof's lair for Doof and Perry, a pony party playground for Pinkie, and a man-cave-treehouse for Mochlum
  • A desk for the computer
  • Fridge and pantry with LOTS OF FOOD!

WhatIam's roomEdit

  • Roomates: Blocky, Ice Cube
  • A motorbike. Swag.
  • Some kind of Soos Trumpet poster, i don't care.
  • A poster listing tvshows/online shows I like. It says:
    • 1. The Amazing World of Gumball
    • 2. Battle for Dream Island
    • 3. Kyorochan
    • 4. Adventure Time
    • 5. Regular Show
    • 6. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
    • 7. THE BUNKER!!! (When the Fourth Wall gets close to the poster, it breaks.)
  • A Nintendo 3DS on a Table. What else?
  • Somehow a random scribble on his wall.


Roomates: Gosalyn Mallard, "Me", Launchpad McQuack (with a big head tumor from hitting the door on his first entrance), Pinky & The Brain, Gadget (from CDRR), and Webby Vanderquack.

His stuff:
  • A lifetime supply of surprise eggs illegally imported from Australia, Germany, and Italy, all his Kinder Suprise Eggs are from Germany (under the name Kinder Überraschung)
  • A stack of S-VHS tapes supplied by people who recorded stuff on S-VHS in the NTSC regions.
  • An Braun HF 1 television receiver for watching his S-VHS tapes and receiving signals from all NTSC, SECAM, and PAL TV color system using regions (modified to show in color)

Location: Near the "Welcome room"

Moon snail's roomEdit

Roomates: Flametail, mew, fafa, gorilla, Twilight sparkle and Quagsire

His room is next to Maxwell's and Favs3000's

  • A DSi
  • A fridge full of maruchan and frozen waddle dees
  • a computer
  • A wii
  • Snorlax voice-action toy
  • A bed
  • A jar of souls
  • The Buffy the vampire slayer full series pack
  • A secret hole to dream land
  • 6 pokeballs containing his main 6 pokemon
  • PC box (For storing pokemon)
  • Pile of books (For twilight Sparkle)
  • Pack of voodoo dolls of
    • Applejack
    • Charmy bee
    • All dooplisses
    • all zoroaks
    • Finn
    • Skydoesminecraft
    • Majin the hedgehog
    • moretocome

[1]Moon snail's room (that thing near his bed is a switch for his computer, and the doorway is not seen in the picture.Added by Moon Snail===Faves3000's Paradise===

  • TV. And i'm talking HUGE.
  • Magical hot dog stand that gives me anything I want.
  • A big, comfy couch,

Gray Pea Shooter's RoomEdit

  • A Microwave
  • Bunk Beds (Me and Pinkie)
  • Soda/Candy Stash
  • Secret TV and Computer and Gaming Systeam
  • A Crowbar
  • A Super Gravity Gun

CompliensCreator00's stuffEdit

  • Roomates: CCBro, Mr. Candy Cane, Gretchen, Crazy Dave, The Old Spice Guy, and Vegeta. (very few of us are alike but we still enjoy living in the same room)
  • Has:
  • Everything sciency.
  • A picture of Dr. Social Studies with darts in it.
  • An awesome grandfather clock.
  • Mr. Sir Super Cool Fancy Man Man
  • A wind generator
  • A breaking wind maker to power the wind generator
  • Moar rooms for all of us! SO WE ALL HAVE ROOMS! Nothing says you can't have rooms in your room.
  • A teleporter (only leads to Sweden. It's how I get enough food for the bunker! FROM THE SWEDISH CHEF!)
  • OLD SPICE AND OLD SCIENCE! (for old spice guy)
  • Trash Cans (for Crazy Dave)
  • Webster's Enourmous 5-foot tall Dictionary (for Gretchen)
  • A Cow (for CCBro)
  • A Christmas Tree with Humans on it (for Mr. Candy Cane)
  • Over 9000 other things (for Vegeta)

Rawrlego's Room!Edit

  • Roomamtes: Fluttershy, Affenpinscher, Rainbow Dash, Chuck the Chicken
  • Has a bunk-bed with: Fluttershy


  • Roommates: Doof, Monogram (i could watch them talk all day...), that guy from that thing
  • Bunk guy: that guy from that thing
  • Has: wii, guitar hero III, computer, smartphone, ceiling fan, bed, more stuff

UMG's Man CaveEdit

Roommates: Viridi, Pittoo, The Burger King, Drillbit Taylor

Located: Somewhere by Faves's, MP's, ACF's, and Mochlum's


  • S&K Punching Bag
  • My hot tub and 80" TV transported from my house
  • Death Red-Black Nintendo 4DS Bundled With Majora's Mask 4D
  • Refrigerator from the Future that spawns all the Dr. Pepper you can eat.
  • Movies that were never released: Sal Sleeps, Drillbit Taylor 2
  • A Bazooka that has automatic homing
  • Ronald McDonald Punching Bag
  • A sofa made out of pie, if you eat it, it comes back! :D
  • More coming soon...

Jondanger23's roomEdit

Roommates:Santa, MC slime 

Has a bunk bed with:MC slime

Has:wii,computer,wiiu,xbox,fridge,microwave,fishtank,oven,videogames,clayman model,pie figure, NASA super computer

Redsox's Media CenterEdit

  • Roomates: Rainbow Dash, Gordon Freeman, Heavy
  • Located: As close enough to the bathroom. :P


  • A massive 3DTV
  • A NES, SNES, N64, PS3, Wii U, and a Dreamcast
  • Wack-A-Headcrab
  • Burger Dispenser
  • Bacon Dispenser
  • ==Slurpee Dispenser==
  • Gaming Laptop with Steam games
  • Edward Cullen Punching Dummy
  • Lots of Pot
  • Pr0n

Dimentio8's RoomEdit

Roommates: Pikachu, Oshawott, Tepig, Waffle Guy, Wilfre, Turbo

Located: Underground; not near anybody. People have to take an elevator to get to it.

Desription: An big underground room with no windows at all. Has:

  • Television
  • Waffle Machine
  • Wii U Deluxe
  • Computer
  • Video Game Box
  • Toy Box
  • CD Box
  • Movie Theater Room
  • Swimming Pool
  • Cave
  • Music Player
  • Teleporter
  • Elevator
  • Second Television
  • Couch
  • Pikachu's Room
  • Oshawott's Room
  • Tepig's Room
  • Waffle Guy's Room
  • Wilfre's Room
  • Pickaxe
  • Aqua Blue 3DS
  • Several colored cans of paint
  • Lights
  • Racing Track

Tyran's Hall of EpicnessEdit

Roommates: Tyress

Located: In a closet near the entrance of the Bunker.

Has: Look at the pic.

Kittygirl19's Hall of AwesomenessEdit

Roommate: Noah from Total Drama World Tour

Located: The cupboard under the stairs.


  • Library
  • Sierra room, with Sierra punching bag, Sierra voodoo doll, and Stalker girlfriend crushing on your gay boyfriend's boyfriend survival kit.
  • Portal Room
  • Portal gun
  • Arcade with Sonic, Mario, Half-Life 3, Team Fortress 3, and Portal 3

VManJustice's Bunker FortressEdit

Roommate: Ice King

Located: By the stairs


  • Big Screen TV
  • Bump Beds With Ice King
  • A Downstair Walkway
  • A Little Computer
  • A Portal Signal By A 350x-CP

Coming Soon:

  • A Special Room For Ice King (41 Days Left Until Iceking Gets Suprised)
  • Gunther (New Roomate In 10 Days!)

Kajad's ThingEdit

Roommates: Steve, Herobrine, Notch, Jeb, Dark Link, TGITF (The guy in the furnace)

Located: Nobody knows where this frozen castle is. Most likely near the living room


  • Video game system that can play any video game
  • Every video game
  • Magic Refrigerator
  • Portal gun
  • All the space... in space... :p
  • Stuff

Bunk with: Nobody

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