These are the songs in The Bunker.


  • Were Called the Bunker - Theme Song sung before the episode.
  • It's Gonna Be Fine - The song sung at the end of most episodes.
  • I Wish - The first song that's not It's Gonna Be Fine. Sung by CCs and Cream.
  • Boringness - A song sung by Mochlum in the Boring episodes.
  • He such a Jerk - Sung by the entire cast (almost)
  • This Might Be Goodbye - A song sung by ACF in the Season 1 Finale Part 1.
  • We Can't Give Up - A song sung by Bubbles, Pinkie Pie and the rest of the gang in the Season 1 Finale Part 2.
  • No You Haven't - A song sung by ACF, 10FCA, and Rainbow Dash in the Season 1 Finale Part 2.
  • My Plan - A song sung by Bob in the Season 1 Finale Part 3.
  • Come Home Llama Food - Sung by Bill the Llama to the tune of "Come Home Perry" in "Llama Food"thumb|300px|right
  • Quirky Worky Song (obnoxious version) - Sung by Obnnoxious Worker 1 in "Without a Bunker"
  • Over Random: Sung by VManJustice and Love Handel in Finding the golden
  • How Bad Can I Be? - Sung by MP76, Alt, and CCs.
  • The gorilla's song: the song horribly sung by the gorilla n IT'S A TRAP from season 5.
  • Kirby's Trip: A song in The final straw (Or it is "Hold me now" by The Polyphonic Spree)

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