Season 1


Bunker Season 1 discs


The Bunker: Season 1 is a set of discs containing every episode in season 1 of The Bunker.


Round Disc 1Edit

  • Pilot
  • Hungering for Some Games
  • Boredom
  • The Cake
  • Game Addict

Round Disc 2Edit

  • The Legend of Hermione
  • Impossible Keyboard
  • A CCs and Cream-Centered Episode
  • Going to EVIL
  • Missin' Chicken
  • Torture

Round Disc 3Edit

  • The 4th Wall
  • Prank Day
  • The Epic Search
  • Final Bran-tasy

Square Disc 4Edit

  • Negativity
  • Boredom 2: The Return of Boring-ness
  • I Knew This Day Would Come 1
  • I Knew This Day Would Come 2
  • I Knew This Day Would Come 3


  • To play disc 4 you need a SD (Square Disc) player.
  • Some episodes have different names on the discs
    • A CCs and Cream centered episode is A CCs and Cream Episode
    • Final Bran-tasy is Final Brantasy
    • Boredom 2: The Return of Boring-ness is Boredom 2.
    • The 3 I knew this day would come episodes are shortened to I knew this day.

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